and history of the free Florida Republics

Back in summer of 1994, the FEDS and ADL attempted to setup and make the Florida militias to appear as right wing extremist or white supremacist by having a plant infiltrate and then publish a book as if was the Florida Militia Handbook. The book started out being a simple innocent instruction manual, but by time it had reached its third edition, by fall1994, it had become a book of hate and race mongering with the addition of all sort of Fascist and Nazi symbols and racial slurs. This same fellow wrote a book entitled “Armed and Dangerous”, which he self proclaimed to be Commander of the Florida state militia. That book was published by the ADL in October 1995. He is better known as “John Doe number 2”, who was arrested Thursday afternoon after the Oklahoma bombing and was kept imprisoned for thirty days. The Feds dropped all charges against him, because it was proven by Esquire John DeCamp that the Feds had no case. Without convictions of Robert Pummer and James Nichols, the Feds could not fabricate a case against Mark Koernke and other militia leaders, which was Johnny RENO's ultimate goal.

Robert turned himself in on Thursday afternoon to his local Sheriff, because it was learned that the BAT FAGOTS were planning to do a Gordon Kahl type raid on his home Saturday morning. The FEDS were going to go in, shoot him in the head and then burn his house to the ground; magically Oklahoma bombing solved, case CLOSED. Their plan failed.

The other major wrench that was thrown in the FEDS fabricated plan happened the day before at noon when news media stuck their cameras in Timothy McVeigh's mother's face with live broadcast from Ft. Pierce. The report asked this question, “Mrs. McViegh, the government claims that your son, Timothy, was involved in the Oklahoma bombing on Monday, what do you have you to say about that?” She replied, “My son wouldn't do that, he's a FEDERAL AGENT.” The reporter gasped and shouted, “Cut, go to commercial!” The FEDS immediately took Timothy's mother, father, bother and sister into protective custody at Buffalo, New York. They were detained (imprisoned) for one week for debriefing (brainwashing); they were told to keep their mouths SHUT.

The fake death of Timothy McViegh was arraigned to prevent his testimony in Oklahoma Civil Trial. The government knew that he would not be able to convincingly lie at that Trial. Here is another interesting point, while awaiting trial Timothy was kept in officer's quarters under protective custody at Fort Riley, and not in prison as the government would have the dumb sheople to believe. His mock trial took place in a court that lacked jurisdiction and in the wrong venue.

Scott Woodring, a Methodist Minister in Michigan and member of the Michigan militia, who became a herald of the Christian Jural Society, was murder by PIGS in a Gordon Kahl style execution, and they burned his home to the ground July 8, 2003. The State Troopers lay siege on his home on July 6, 2003; however, they claim that they did not murder Scot until July 13, 2003. Note the numbers: 6=women or beast; 8=the father of Zeus, BULL sacrifice day; 13 or 1+3=4, chaos or destruction. Gnostics are always, playing games with numbers. Scot had committed no crime, it was just another ADL hit or attack on Christians. As is the case of the attack on Hutaree in Michigan, a Christian militia, on March 26, 2010, whose members were attending a funeral.

Because of the dangerous implication of the above mentioned fascist type publication, which Robert Pummer published, Colonel David Chapman (commonly known as Captain or Major Paine), Lieutenant Colonel Larry Myers (commonly known as Captain Myers) and Major Mike McQuinn (commonly known as Captain Bowman), all of the Seventh Regiment, decided to publish a book that would more reflect the needs of the general militia membership. Part of psychological warfare is to keep enemy combatants from knowing actual rank or identity. It took the FBI over three years to determine true identity of these three gentlemen, and for security reasons, Myers and McQuinn never met each other. By publishing this book these men put their lives on the line.

The First Edition of their publication, “Florida state militia Handbook” was published in December 1994, twenty (20) pages; because of popular demand and requests for more detail, the book was quickly expanded. By June 1995, the book was into its Fourth Edition, 56 pages. There were two additional editions of this book that were written, but were never published; one was written in November 1996, by an editorial staff in support of the newly established Florida Republics, and the other edition was written in October 1997.

Before the Fourth Edition could be published, Mike came under attack and was forced to go underground and relocate. He has not be seen or heard from since January 2000, when the log cabin in which he was living in the Ozarks came under attack by the FEDS. Mike was very knowledgeable in law and was good at writing legal briefs. Black Robed Devils hated him with a passion and wanted him DEAD. However, Carl Miler, from Michigan, is very knowledgeable in law and equally hated with a passion by Black Robed Devils. Carl is forced to live in seclusion.

Larry came under attack by the FEDS in March 1996, and disappeared; he was last heard from in December 1999. In 1997, he was tried in absente in Federal Court without ever being arrested, served or present during lynching, I mean mockery of a trial. Larry was one of the Chief Judges of the Florida Common Law Courts.

David and his family came under attack in May 1996, several attempts were made to effect an arrest, and he was arrested in November 1996, without warrant or probable cause. He was thrown into State Prison three times without ever being tried or convicted of any crimes. Besides being a militia commander, he, also, became Ambassador Pro Temp of the Florida Republics, and signed Public Notice of cession in September 1996. Like Mike, David was well known for his legal skills and ability to take on the corrupt judicial system.

Sir David-Andrew, Herald of Manatee had been a member of the Florida Civil Air Patrol until its disbandment. In 1989, he helped organize a small local militia unit, which became the Seventh Regiment in February 1993.

From 1994 through 1996, David worked with and exchanged information with John-William: Saunders (actor John Quade) to establish and organize jural societies, that is Christian Jural Societies. Karl Groton, began working with John in January 1996, and he and David arranged for John to come to Florida in July 1996 to teach others. John-William died August 9, 2009, but the concept of free de jure societies or communities has not.

In 1992, the Florida militia was comprised of two regiments having appropriately 3,000 members. One Regiment was started sometime between 1971 and 1976 by General Lewis W. Walt, USMC retired, after the Florida Civil Air Patrol was disbanded. General Walt wrote a book entitled “The Eleventh Hour”that was published in 1979, which is well worth reading. Florida Civil Air Patrol, in actuality, was the state militia until that time. This militia group was comprised mainly of retired military officers and retired career enlisted men.

The other regiment was comprised of several small groups or cells that had organized locally between 1989 and 1992, without knowledge of each other. Members of these small groups met together in Ocala, May 1992, at a campaign rally to elect Colonel James Bo Gritz president of the United States, forming as the 1st Regiment, which became four regiments: 1st (Dade) 2nd (St. Lucie), 7th (Highlands) and 34th (Marion) by February 1993. These campaign rallies, throughout 1992, were used to organize and recruit new members throughout the state; by October 1992, membership of the 1st Regiment exceeded 2000.

By February 1993, membership had increased to over 10,000 members, with five regiments. Members from the Regiment started by General Walt were well regulated and uniformed, spite and polished, and members of these new Regiments, a rag tag ban, from all walks of life, most definitely not spite and polished, met with each other, for the first in Orlando, December 1994, at a survival conference.

On February 11, 1995, the first Congress of the Florida militias met and all thirty for delegates signed Declaration of Patriotic Resolve. In March of 1996, the famous Knob Creek Patriotic Resolve was signed in defense of the Montana Freeman, one of the signer was from Florida militia Congress. Also, in 1996, militia leaders from thirty-eight (38) states drafted and sign a mutual aid pact to come to each others aid. British rule in America was about to come to an end.

The Florida militia membership by July 1996, had exceeded 100,000, having 54 regimental units and 12 brigades. Most definitely sufficient military force to support establishment of de jure civilian government.

In July 1996, assembly of seventy-two (72) delegates for the free Florida Republics met to establish the de jure Republics. Three delegates from Georgia and two delegates from South Carolina were, also, present to gather information to take back to their respective states to follow suit. In 1996, each county set out to organize its own jural society, electing in open public meetings: Arbitrator, Scribes and Heralds; thereby, establishing de jure county governments.

In 1996, John Alden became Governor Pro Temp of the free Florida Republics and Karl Groton (publisher of “The Revelator”) became Florida Treasure Pro Temp. Karl was murdered by the CIA and John died Thanksgiving Day 2005, supposedly from heartache at age 63. At the time of his death he and the Ambassador were putting the finishing touches on how to establish de jure government within the present commercial venue.

In 2010, a copy cat, Sam Kennedy, is self claiming to have reinvented the wheel and DEMANDING the dumb sheople to follow him, right into the pit. He is claiming to have reestablished de jure government by establishing grand juries in every State of the District of Criminals. He is full of HOGWASH! He has taken the works and writings of the Common Law Court and Jury Society of Florida and repackaged and bastardized it. In actuality, what he is cunningly attempting to do, is reestablish British Crown and Papacy Rule. Is that what you really wish to have? BEWARE of wolf, dressed in sheep's clothing, especially, when coming, preaching religion and politics in same breath without substance.

Susan Mokdad, acting Chief Clerk of Courts, was imprisoned on March 15, 1996. She was murdered by the FEDS on St. Valentine's Day 2003 at age 47. Emilio Ippolito, acting Chief Judge of Common Law Courts, was imprisoned on March 15, 1996, and was released on December 20, 2005, at age 81. According to the indictment there were 256 unindicted so-called co-conspirators. There were over ten thousand (10,000) members nationwide in the Pro Se Litigate Movement, which was founded by Emilio and Susan back in 1989. Emilio was tried without being able to face his accusers, he watched his lynching in the courtroom by video monitor from a cell, he was barred by the Black Robed Devil from being present in courtroom during his own trial, which was a sham and a mockery of justice, demonstrating that it is just a JUST US system.

The Florida Republics had, also, established the Ecclesiastical Court, having forty (40) judges, with Pastor Richard Mooneyhan acting as Chief Judge, who was imprisoned in October 1996. The civil pro tempt de jure government of the Florida Republics was prepared to held state wide election before March 1997. If that election would taken place, the corporate de facto State of Florida would have been out of business and Jeb Bush would not have been able to become governor. We had successfully blocked his election in 1994, and he was going to allow that to happen again. Therefore, he and Senator Bob Graham organized a systematic round up and arrest of the leaders of the Pro Se Litigate Movement, the Common Law Courts, the Ecclesiastical Courts, the Christian Jural Societies, and militia leaders.

The leaders of these organizations needed to be removed just as the leaders of the Republic of Texas were taken out to assure his brother's governorship and presidency. The Bush crime family and the Clintonistas knew that if they lost control of Florida, Texas, Michigan, California and New York, they would be removed from POWER. They have controlled the office of the presidency of the United States since 1983, which equates to 27 years of terror and tyranny for the people of the United States of America and the world.

The Floridas were about to become the third state to secede from the corporate United States; Kingdom of Hawaii and Republic of Texas and had already seceded. All three Nations came under attack by the Fascist government of the District of Criminals and hundreds of people were arrested on trumped up charges, and several were murder.

Montana, South Carolina and Georgia were in the process of following suit. Also, the movement had already begun in California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Missouri and Wisconsin. Leaders of the Pro Se Litigate Movement and the Christian Jural Society in Missouri (11), Wisconsin (4) and Oklahoma (20) were rounded up and imprisoned in 1997 and 1998.

The Bushites and Clintonistas knew that they were about to be ousted from power. The District of Criminal is a dynasty run by three families, who are all related to each other: the Bushes, Kennedys and Rockefellers. For those who do not know, Bill Clinton and George Bush are double cousins, and Clinton is the grandson of John D. Rockefellers, Jr. The Bushites and Clintonistas are the largest drug and sex slave traffickers in all of North America; and second in the world to their cousin Prince Charles, the so-called “messiah of Europe”.

All three authors of the “Florida state militia Handbook” are WANTED DEAD in THE STATE OF FLORIDA. Sir David-Andrew was exiled from Florida on December 21, 1999 (The Judge's forty-ninth (49) birthday: Hum!); he was court ORDERED to be out of the state before Xmas, under threat of being imprison again, if he was not. The Ambassador, Robert Hertner, of the Republic of Texas also lives in exile. That is correct EXILE! Most people in America cannot even conceive of that happening in this Country. Several of the leaders of the Republic of Texas are still in prison.

In 1995, the Republic of Texas brought suit against the State of Texas in the State of Texas Supreme Court, which Court ruled that it lacked jurisdiction to hear the Case. The Republic of Texas brought the suit before the Supreme Court of the UNITED STATES and it, too, ruled that there was lack of jurisdiction. The Republic of Texas filed suit in the World Court in 1996, which Case is still pending. The leaders of the Republic of Texas were imprisoned on May 4, 1997. Both Supreme Courts lacked jurisdiction, because they recognized the Republic of Texas as foreign to their jurisdiction.

The Ambassador of the Florida Republics land in Florida State Prison on the morning of May 5, 1997. George Bush pulled the United States from participation in the World Court to block the furtherance of the Republic of Texas suit; and as long as Richard McLaren, Governor Pro Temp, and other leaders of the Republic of Texas remain in prison, they are unable to prosecute their VALID claim. To the Bushites and Clintonistas it is all about POWER, and more POWER.

The main reasons that the British Crown and its slave State, the UNITED STATES could not allow the cession of Florida and Texas. Under the Florida Proclamation 1763, the right to allodial title was abolished in ALL of North America. If Florida would have successfully seceded and was no longer under the CON CON, US Constitution, Article VI, then the British Crown could no longer lay claim to every acre in North America (UNITED STATES and CANADA) and levy tax, there upon.

If Texas would have successfully seceded, the UNITED STATES would have lost a very large portion of its tax base, since Texas has the 6th largest gross national product in the world. Losing Texas would mean that the UNITED STATES would most likely no longer be number one in gross national product. These facts are never discussed and most people do not have any clue to what is really happening here in Wonderland and the land of OZ. Yes, wake up, it is a bad dream!

In 1995, the Chief of the Navaho, attempted to declare the Navaho Nation to be free and independent, and he, too, was imprisoned on bogus charges, five (5) years in Federal Prison for supposedly taking one can of coke.

The BAT FAGOT raid on the Montana Freeman was March 25, 1996. John-Alden and Sir David-Andrew were scheduled to be present that day for a conference; however, the conference was canceled and their coming to Montana was rescheduled for May 1st, happy commie day, which day was much safer for a meeting then any day within a month prior to April 19.

Some of the Montana Freeman are still in Federal Prison; three of which have almost no hope of release, LeRoy Schweitzer (22years), Daniel Peterson (14years) and Russell Dean Landers (11 plus 15 years). Dan was released back in January, however, he was arrested at the front gate of the prison and put back in for twenty (20) more years. What a scam! LeRoy and Dan are among the brightest legal minds in the country. Both Attorners and Banksters consider these gentlemen to be a serious danger to their business, here in Wonderland and the land of OZ (once). But then, too, so weren't John and David, and the fat lady has yet to sing.

The Waco siege was 51 days and the siege on Montana Freeman was 81 days. Pay close attention to numbers and days, Luciferians practice Gnosticism. 5+1+6 and 8+1=9; 6+9=15; 1+5=6; however, 6 and 9 together is 69, a message that the Bat Fagots sent load and clear. Six is the number of woman and nine the number of man. Six is also the number of the beast. One represents deity or beginning, five represents demonology and eight represents the father of Zeus. The number of days was no accident, Luciferians plan such detail, because they believe it gives them POWER.

Oh by the way, Attorney General RENO was not Janet, the name under ITS senor class photograph in the Miami High School Annual, is JOHN RENO. Oops! There is not any JANET RENO, who ever attended Miami High School. Folks should not wonder why Obamanation is trying so hard to conceal his true identity. He wouldn't want the general public to come to the knowledge that he is a product of the Bushites mind control and breeding project; which was started in German over seventy years ago for creating a super race. Have you ever noticed how much he acts like a robot?

We have placed a copy of the Fourth Edition of the “Florida state militia Handbook” on this website for your reading pleasure. We hope that you find this helpful in organizing a militia unit in your neighborhood. In 1995, the Florida militias adopted Jefferson Mack's book, “Secret Freedom Fighter” as basic training manual. That book teaches one how to become an effective army of one. It is 62 pages of MUST READ for every militiaman, as matter of survival.

We are willing to post other state's militia Handbooks on this website, as well, if they would submit copies. A history about your state's militia would nice, as well. Though, we suspect that not many are as colorful as that of Florida, Texas, Montana and Michigan; though, Georgia and Ohio have some interesting history to give. Please give details of events as you see here about Florida. It is time that we tell the whole world what is really happening in America. It is time that we write history, not just make it.

The Florida Handbook is saved in two parts for easy printing of pages back to back in book format. It works best to use green paper when printing the cover. After printing back to back, then fold in half. You now have your own hard copy. To download or print copy, click on links below. Both downloads are in PDF format with file size over four megabytes.