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This page's aim is to provide militias and those who wish to start militias with information and details on how to organize, train or establish militias.

If there is no militia in your neighborhood or community, then it is time that friends and family in your community create such on local basis for their common defense. NEVER accept strangers.

The enemies of right and reason have gone MAD, and are now seeking to completely destroy the family and the way of life of free men, attempting to enslave all of us to their tyranny.

We ask that everyone to research the constitution and statutes of the state in which they live and send us copies of said State's laws on firearms, explosives and militias. We will post all such laws on this site. Also, we would ask for copy of any State Court rulings that deal with these three.

We have reason to believe that most or all States exempt members of militias from restrictions and penalties of State Statutes. We wish to prove this point and publish such for all to read.

Militias are comprised of all able bodied men and boys between age of fifteen (15) and seventy (70) years of age; and any others, who are willing to lend their services for the common good.

Race, color, sex or religion are not issues among true militias; corrupt government and bureaucRATS, and control by foreign powers are common enemy to all.

Please email any useful information to or make inquiry:

America's third Revolution, an idea whose time has come.”

As example, Florida Statutes state that members of the militia are “Law Enforcement Officers” - Florida Statute 790.001(8); and Florida Statute 790.051, states that militiamen are exempt from all licensing and penal provisions of Chapter 790; especially, if said militiaman is an officer or a minuteman. To be to the contrary, would be hindrance to performance and carrying out of duties.

A minuteman is required to be armed at all times, and is not subject to search or detainment. Furthermore, all Law Enforcement Officers are required to assist him in the furtherance of his duties during state of emergency. Corrupt government bureacRATS would have us to believe that it is the other way around.

It should be noted that militias are military, not para-military. Uniformed corporate Law Enforcers are para-military. Too, several states have various divisions of the state militia within the descriptions in their statutes; usually "National Guard", "State Guard" (or something to that effect) and militia members not subject to "call of the President of the United States". Militia members, who are NOT subject to the call of the President, are those, who have not sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, free men. Think about that, and that is LAW!


Congressman Lysander Spooner in 1867, wrote short book titled, “No Treason”. He was one of the most out spoken lawyers, who took stand against government enslavement of mankind. Mark Stevens ( has taken time to convert this great work to audio book, making this great work available to those will to take time to learn truth.

NO TREASON (audio book)

No Treason (ebook)

John Harris gives us his perspective on what's going on within corporate government. He describes how we are economic slaves to debt dependent system, notably achieved through deception of birth certificate and creation of legal fiction known as your 'PERSON'. It is this PERSON that government then wields it's control upon. Although John points out that this arrangement only works when we consent.

Unfortunately inaction is taken as consent, hence we have unwittingly surrendered our inalienable rights through identifying with the PERSON. Rights must be explicitly reserved up front or are assumed waived. {Folks, that is LAW, whether you like it or not. UCC 1-308; previously UCC 1-207} Remember you are men and women endowed with Creator given rights, all you have to do is claim them. John makes it clear that corporate government is merely Wonderland or Oz. If you claim to be an AMERICAN, a US citizen, then you have VOLUNTARILY placed yourself on the wrong side of the Looking Glass and you are no longer in Kansas, you have become a corporate SLAVE and are property of the State.

This 54 minute video was filmed at The British Constitution Group Lawful Rebellion Conference in Stoke-on-Trent on 24th January 2009. John Harris' website is where other great speeches may be found.

It's Illusion or It's Illusion

Here is a great article on origins of OATHS and JURISDICTION. This is fifteen pages of history that you most likely have never read before. Do you claim to be a free man. Here is a reality check to see if you truly are free. Most who claim to be free, are suffering from an illusion.


Please take time to listen to this six minute video or audio by a fine scholarly Oneida gentlemen from Wisconsin, Rod Taylor, who sums up the state of slavery, as it is today in the United States.

You Are A Slave To The Government - video

Are A Slave To The Government – audio

Then, too, look at what a Jew had to say in amazement about this man comments on slavery and the sad state of affairs under which we exist.

Referencing You Are A Slave

Look at what Doctor Shirley Moore in Los Angeles has to say about corruption and the American judicial system. She was interviewed by William Wagner with On Second Thought.




We are tired of just reading about history; it is time that we start writing history.








Right to Bear Arms Defense

4000+ FREE Military Manuals

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from webmaster.

GoDaddy was purchase purchased by KKR, Silver Lake Partners and Technology Crossover in July 2011, which companies are own by New York City Zionist Banksters. All top ten Internet Providers are now owned by New York City Zionist Banksters, who are attempting to control or regulate access to internet, censoring websites, churches, broadcasters and radio stations, which are not politically correct.

GoDaddy in 2012 arbitrarily shutdown for two to four days at a time websites belonging to radio stations, Indian Nations and churches; and God Addy shutdown this website for 10 days in 2014. GoDaddy has made it very clear that they do not support freedom of speech, press or religion, and they do not protect the rights of their customers or follow their own policy rules or agreements. They have not apologized or admitted their wrong doing to those, who they have injured and refuse to answer written correspondence. The only remarks they have made is that they were sad to see us leave. They even have had audacity to charge for days they denied service, which is standard procedure for BANKSTERS, since they think self as deity, and that we are their cattle, with wealth and power as their sole objectives. As to arrogancy, consider this GOD-addy, which means GOD's email address. Sound like mind set of Satan Clause to me.

GoDaddy's claim of enforcement of infringement on copyright rights was based on United Nation's World Intellectual Property Organization's Conference on Trade and Development Resolution. As to real purpose of WIPO, the Director of International Relations at United States Patient and Trade Office (which is under control of China), Lois Boland, stated in the Washington Post, back in 2003, “that open-source software runs counter to the mission of WIPO, which is to promote intellectual-property rights.” He further stated, “to hold a meeting which has as its purpose to disclaim or waive such rights seems to be contrary to the goals of WIPO.” To put it plainly, the WIPO and this internet copyright HOGWASH is intended to create big corporate monopoly of internet use. It is obvious that they hate software such as Linux. This would be a Microsoft dream come true, with absolute monopoly. But then, the Zionist Press Core cannot stand having broadcasters, who provide their services for free to the public and publish articles, booklets and books for free. Oh what horrors, to think that someone would do something without seeking filthy lurker or becoming rich. Just compare, Microsoft demands of its users $150 to $289 about every two years for new software, in comparison Linux gives its users updated version of software about every 12 months for FREE. Http:// Linuxmint is double encrypted. HLS and NSA cannot gain access to your files or hard drive if you are using Linuxmint. Also, provides encrypted email service. Folks, GoDaddy is promoting monopoly capitalism, which is corporate controlled government, better known as FASCISM.

GoDaddy has shutdown this website four times since August 2012 without cause. Good riddens to God Addy, we have relocated. This website has been maintained for five years with little out side support. It has become painfully obvious that internet is no longer free or almost free.

It is important that we become as independent as possible from fascist big corporations. Anyone wishing to help with this project please write to Major Paine at email location above. Thank you very much. Or please send cash or blank USPMO to:

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